Poem of the Day

Hi, I’m me—
It has become glaringly absurd
this hunt for me
believing that when I was
hunted down
I’d find not only me
but a whole herd
past me’s, future me’s
the whole cart load
and all the years
and where have I gotten to
in this point of time
this isn’t the same mirror
     I gazed into years ago

           It’s the mirror that changes
           not poor Gregory

Hey, in life
    Where I went, I went
    Where I stopped, I stopped
    Where I spoke, I spoke
    What I listened, I listened
    What I ate, I ate
    What I loved, I loved

But what about
    where I went, I did not go
    where I stopped, I moved on
    when I spoke, I listened
    when I listened, I spoke
    when I fasted, I ate
    and when I loved…
       I did not want to hate
Now I see people
     as police see them
I also see nuns the same way
  I see hare-krishnas

Ain’t got no agent
can’t see poets having agents
Yet Ginsy, Ferl, have one
and make lots of money by them
and fame too
Maybe I should get an agent?
No way, Gregory, stay
    close to the poem!!!

- Poet Talking to Himself in the Mirror, Gregory Corso