Telefonzellennummern mit Pedro Pietri

Telephone Booth 
Number 301

When I was very young
I used to have many
imaginary girlfriends
now that I am an adult
I miss them very much

Telephone Booth 
Number 507

I will jump out the window
if that what it takes
to satisfy you sexually,
but only if you live in the

Telephone Booth 
Number 63765057

there will always
be time to stare
across the room
at a blank wall
& wonder have you
done this before - ?

Telephone Booth 
Number 542

the only way
i know how
to wash dishes
is by smashing them
against the wall!

Telephone Booth 
Number 32439

if you hit a poet
& he doesn't hit you back
leave town immediately
take out life insurance
get a new identity
unite with transvestites
sleep with unlisted numbers!

all numbers by Pedro Pietri