Poem of the Day

The warrior broke a clump of hash
off the heel of his boot
& dropped it in his pipe,
“Here’s to the bleeding heart of Jesus!”
he exclaimed, “Here’s to his thorny crown!”
A chorus of prostitutes joined in
alternately singing God’s praises
& Satan’s too.
Light began to fill the room
& butterflies escaped
out of the mouth of a girl.
Our hero was tired,
having walked all morning
through meadows of marijuana,
having crossed the Great
River of Opium,
washed up unconscious
on its golden shores of hashish,
Happy to be home
& in good health,
Humble & triumphant
with many a blood battle beneath his belt,
He leaned back reclining & sighed,
“I’ve fought a good fight.
I’ve kept the Faith
& the Faith’s kept me.”
He struck a match
on the sole of his shoe
& drew a deep breath
through the stem of the pipe.
Jesus spiraled out the mouth of the bowl
& stood in front of the window,
“Lotsa ailanthus trees in the alley” 

he said, “Lotsa redemption too.”

- The Bleeding Heart of Jesus, David Roskos