We donte want to hurt anney one

You’ve read the story of ‘Jesse James’, 
Of how he lived and died. 
If you’re still in Need 
Of something to read, 
Here’s the story of ‘Bonnie and Clyde...

...Some day they’ll go down together 
they’ll bury them side by side 
to few it’ll be grief 
to the law a relief 
but it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde

(Bonnie Parker)


Bonnie s Just Written a Poem 
the Story of Bonnie & Clyde. 
I will try my hand at Poetry 
With her riding by my side
We donte want to hurt anney one 
but we have to Steal to eat. 
and if it’s a shoot out to 
to live that’s the way it 
will have to bee. 
We have kidnapped some 
people. And tied them to a tree 
but not so tight that after we
 were gone tha could not get 
themselves free. 
We are going home tomorrow 
to look in on the folks. We will 
meet then out near Grape Vine 
if the Laws donte get there 
Now that’s not as good as 
Bonnies. So I guess I 
Will call it a flop- 
But please God Just one 
moore visit before we are 
Put on the spot.”

(Clyde Barrow)


Vor einigen Tagen wurde ein grünes Notizbuch mit Gedichten 
der berühmten Bankräuber versteigert.
Es war bisher im Besitz eines Neffen von Clyde Barrow...

Bonnie und Clyde wurden im Jahr 1934 erschossen.

Demnächst der Film über den Cop, der Jagd auf das Gangsterpaar gemacht hat...